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Our company's vision is to use psychological science with an experimental laboratory and use the results of research in practice to provide services to business organizations and the most valuable basic unit of society, the family. Provide psychological knowledge and use that knowledge to participate effectively and positively in social relations.

Greetings from the CEO

Many small and medium-sized business owners and leaders of large groups have heard that nowadays it is very difficult to find a satisfied and stable employee. If this situation continues for a long time, it will directly affect the economic stability of the country, not just the company. That is why, by paying attention to the employee's psychology, he saw that it is possible to get out of this problem and create more stable people of working age. Using the science of organizational psychology, we can create productive individuals. Through the psychological stability of the workforce of business organizations, a program will be organized with the main goal of increasing more stable, satisfied and productive work at the workplace.

Currently, according to the data released by psychologists, 1 out of 4 children are considered to be highly likely to engage in risky behavior, and this is becoming more and more psychological problems among the children who are our future, and it is being discussed at the level of national security. In order to prevent this disaster, psychologists who work with teenagers are urgently needed. Based on their acquired knowledge and experience, they can recognize their own characteristics and advantages for teenagers, express their opinions openly, openly and rationally, and learn the right communication methods. , will help you become confident and independent in the future.

Otgonjargal Yadamsuren

Co-Founder and CEO of First-MN LLC

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